DreamCanvas has ended

A big thanks to everyone who contributed to this experiment! During it's 8-day lifespan over 2000 people from all over the world drew on the canvas.


I'm late to the party, what's this canvas thing?

It was a interactive machine learning experiment that interpreted what it saw in the visitors drawings using Google's DeepDream technique.

Project description

Ever dreamed about making art together with an artificial intelligence? No? Well now you can anyway! DreamCanvas is a collaborative drawing experiment by Johan Nordberg where visitors have their drawings interpreted by an artificial neural network.

Why did it have to end?

Cloud GPU servers are expensive!

How was it made?

Using TensorFlow, wsrpc and a whole bunch of other things, check the source code on GitHub for more details.

Can I download the generated data somewhere?

Yes, you can grab the original 10 gigabyte video from Vimeo. Its encoded with h264 in "visually lossless" mode.

What license is this under?

The video is licensed under CC BY 4.0 and the code under BSD-3-Clause.

Who made this?

I did! Johan Nordberg, you should follow me on Twitter.

I love this, can I buy you a {{HUMAN_BEVERAGE}}?

Yes! Thank you, I really appreciate it! Send some satoshi's to 1DreamTXogBHggAn9rR6MxU57ZGxe3yJqK. (I also accept PayPal if you're not into magic internet money).

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